adidas adbe 10331 Essential Ab bench-noir WSWXKNYVN


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Seat and support for DOSShock Grip Foam Ankle

The adidas Essential Ab bench is a useful piece of equipment made for targeting abdominal and core chest muscles, plus making the most of your training effectiveness. This purposeful fitness gear is a great choice for muscle-building routines and offers 4 adaptable height positions to set the angle of the bench, for superior exercise adaptability. The equipment comes with a padded stool and back support to make ab workouts more comfy and supported. The bench is featured in the Adidas Performance range and has a modest design with a firm platform and a hard steel frame for ensured sturdiness. This hefty bench provides knee and ankle care thanks to foam rollers and is appropriate for building the upper and lower abdominal muscles as well as lower back strength.

adidas adbe 10331 Essential Ab bench-noir WSWXKNYVN

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